Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Age of Conan leveling guide - Dominate your server - reach lvl 80 in 5 days

I'm a online gaming addict and love playing MMORPG games like World of Warcraft, but there's one games that really caught my attention - Age of Conan!!

Like WOW in order to become stronger you have to level your character, thats why you see gamers spending hours online trying to complete quests and missions to gain experience points for their character. The same principle applies in Age of Conan where you have to do a combination of grinding and quests to level up your hero, this can be very frustrating for some as it can take along time to lvl up your hero and with AOC characters top level being lvl80 it can take along time!!

No one wants to set on the PC for hours just grinding and doing quests only to reach lvl 10 after afew weeks. Thats when you need a Age of Conan level guide that you show you the quickest path to reaching lvl 80 and eventually dominate everyone on your server!!

To make things easier for you I've provided a guide here called the "Ultimate Age of Conan leveling/Class guide" which contains tips and strategies from top AOC pros . This guide will show you the best places to go to lvl up and best grinding methods. This guide also contains class walkthroughs and pvp tips.

The most important feature of this guide is it teaches you how to reach lvl 80 in 5 days!!

To find out more about this guide goto -> Age of Conan Leveling guide

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